Pi Day

Mar. 14th, 2009 09:54 am
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Maybe I should make a pie to celebrate!
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Sometimes, I feel like everybody grew up but me. It boggles my mind that many friends and acquaintances of my past have jobs, kids, and such.

While I, on the other hand, seem to be in complete and utter denial that I'm supposed to be a grown-up too...
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I just don't have the heart to watch baseball anymore. It would just hurt too much I think....
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Happy Christmas everyone! Hope your holidays are filled with cheer and love.
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I voted.

I made a choice, and for whatever reason, I'm a little bit proud of myself.

Now, I can complain!


Oct. 19th, 2008 12:35 pm
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It only took me six hours, but I can finally play .avi video files on my laptop. No more freezing, crashes, screen blankouts, and BSoD.

Windows Vista is a spawn of Mrs. Crayton!!!
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I think I pulled my right calf muscle this morning.

How did I do it?

By merely walking up the porch stairs...
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I need to get my laptop out and play something.

Oh right! I have a (now several weeks old) new laptop! George has a new one too. His old one was finally deemed a lemon by Best Buy. So, thanks to the extended warranty, we were able to get two very nice laptops for about five hundred dollars.

I am adjusting to Vista. It's kind of bleh, but I thought that about XP when I first started using it.

I love using two computers at the same time!
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I checked the Tonner Dolls site for the first time in ages. I'm a big fan of their dolls, especially the Harry Potter ones. I don't collect them yet, but I fear that's going to change...

Because of this

Luna Lovegood doll! I have to get her!! I am insisting on her as a Christmas present (just a gentle *MAJOR* hint George!), but I'm not sure I can wait that long to get her!!!!
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You will be sorely missed by many. Braves radio broadcasts just will never be the same again without you. It feels like losing a very dear friend...
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I have a Wii!!!
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Happy birthday to me.

George and I had a fun weekend. We went to a Rush concert on Saturday, and the Cardinals/Royals game on Sunday.

I got my birthday card from my parents, and had a little giggle because it was the same card as last year. Its still really cute, with tons of pictures of cute kittens. Inside the card was a check for $150.00. I was very surprised to say the least. Never expected something like that!

Ummm... woohoo... I'm finally old enough to rent a car and not get slammed with ridiculous under-25 fees...


Jun. 6th, 2008 11:16 pm
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We had our air conditioners put in today!!! It was way too hot without them, but I didn't complain very much at all. I forced myself to remember the summer I spent with no AC... that wasn't fun at all...
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It sucks being so far away from everybody. I really should call sometimes, but I have never been very good at conversing over the phone.

I need to start working on keeping in better touch.
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I'm glad you had a good time at the game last night, that was a lot of fun!

I love you oodles and oodles and kitten caboodles!!!!!!
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The driver side headlight bulb on my car just burned out. I tried to take out the bulb this morning so I know which kind to replace it with. But the stupid bulb WILL NOT COME OUT!!!

Now I have to take my car in to get the thing replaced. I've replaced bulbs in vehicles before, so this is supposed to be something I can do.

I feel ashamed because I can't fix this by myself.
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I'm now sick. I think its food poisoning. It hit me hard and quick on Saturday night. I can't keep much of anything down (just bland stuff like plain rice and Ritz crackers) My face has a weird bluish color, which just makes my cheeks look even redder and my undereye circles even darker, so I look just as bad as I feel.

I very rarely get sick, but when I do, I become a rotten person to be around. Hugs and apologies to George for putting up with me.
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Lots of love and hugs to all my friends!! You guys are the best!

In other news, George and I are going to Los Angeles for the weekend!!!!! We're going to Gallifry One (a Doctor Who con). Hopefully we'll get a chance to experience a little bit of Cali.
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